Weha Granite Fabrication Stone Cart Shop Cart - 2000 lb Capacity


  • $245.00

Weha Granite Fabrication Stone Cart Shop Cart "Drywall Cart" 2000 lb Capacity. 2 Fixed and 2 Swivel Wheels

The Weha Granite and Stone Drywall Fabrication Shop Cart is a great cart for moving stone around the shop or on the job site.

This isn't your cheap drywall cart. This granite cart was designed by fabricators for shop use.

The Weha Granite Fabrication Shop Cart has features already built in that fabricators have to "modify" themselves in order to make it granite and stone worthy.

2000 lbs weight capacity: No really. This fab shop cart has 2000 lb capacity. Other "drywall carts" may say 2000lb capacity but just look at their little flimsy wheels. Not the Weha Granite Shop Cart. We put cast iron with phenolic resin wheels under this bad boy. 2 fixed, 2 swivel wheels that can carry 2000 lbs without any worry. 

The Weha Stone Fabrication Drywall Cart is excellent for moving stone from the saw to the bowl cutter, to the work tables, and then to the truck.
The Weha Granite Drywall Cart is great for storing remnants or moving cut pieces from the shop to the remnant rack and back.

The Weha Stone Fabrication Cart is made like a drywall cart but built more heavy duty to work in the granite and stone environment.

Comes with: 
2 swivel wheels with locks and 2 fixed 8" x 2" hard rubber wheels rated for 500 lbs each.
Yellow high visibility powder coated finish.

Comes with optional angle adjustment: The Weha Granite Drywall Cart comes with 2 angle adjustments. During assembly simply choose which angle you prefer.

Overall Length: 49"
Overall Height: 48"
Overall Depth: 23"
Surface Deck: 12" x 44"
35 1/2" from deck to top of shop cart
2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels
Weight Capacity: 2000 lbs
Safe load Height: 48"
Weight of Shop Cart: 110 lbs
Ships broken down for cheaper shipping rates
Can be assembled in about 10 minutes

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