Abaco 50 Little Giant Slab Lifter

Abaco 50 Little Giant Slab Lifter

Abaco Machines

  • $849.99

Abaco 50 Little Giant Slab Lifter Heavy Duty Lifter-Black Rubber

The Abaco 50 Lifter comes in black rubbber.
Abaco also produces the Abaco 50 lifter in white rubber as well.

The Abaco 50 lifter has changed the way stone is moved from trucks, A frame storage racks, slab racks, and onto transport racks. 

The Abaco 50 Lifter is light and compact in construction. 
Reinforced pressure plate for even safer handling.
The new designed of the Abaco 50 Lifter center plate is designed to not break.

The Abaco 50 Lifter is the industry standard for slab lifters. 
Unbreakable center plate 
Sturdy, Strong, Safe Strong lifting pin Lower overall height 
Includes swivel shackle

The Abaco 50 Lifter has an opening of up to 2". 
Abaco highly recommends only transporting 1 single slab at a time with the Abaco 50 Lifter

The great thing about the Abaco 50 lifter is how narrow it is. This makes it great for getting into storage racks and pulling out the slabs without damaging the other slabs around it.
When used with slab wedges, like the The Wedgee Slab Wedge, it makes it extremely safe and easy to remove slabs from bundles and stacked stone
Load capacity: 2646 lbs 
Height 14" 
Claw Width: 0.6"-2" 
External clamping Jaw: 0.9" 
Weight 44 lbs 
Black rubber

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