Weha 4" 5 Step Resin Polishing Pad - Pos 5


  • $30.00

Weha 4" 5 Step Resin Diamond Polishing Pad Pos 5 For C Frame Automated Machines such as the Park Pro Edge.

Weha 5 Step pos 5 Resin Diamond Polishing Pad for C Frame can be used right after the snail lock graphite position 2 metal diamond to start the polishing process.

The Weha 5 Step Position 5 C Frame resin diamond polishing pad is built specifically for granite, marble, engineered stone, and Quartzite stone materials.

The Bond of the Weha 5 Step pos 5 C frame diamond polishing pad is made to work with the Park Pro Edge, Denver, and other Automated C Frame profile and polishing machines

Excellent for Flat, half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, and small radius profiles.

4" Hook and loop backed 

Compare to other name brand 5 Step Resin Diamond C Frame systems on the market and you will find that the 4" Weha 5 Step system will polish just as good and last just as long.

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