Weha C Frame 5 Step Diamond Polishing System


  • $187.91

Weha 4" 5 Step C Frame Graphite Snail Lock Metal Diamond Pos 1 and 2 Coarse Grinding Wheels for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartzite

4" Weha 5 Step Graphite snail lock pos 1 and 2 diamond wheels are a premium quality metal designed to work on on "C" frame machines such as the Park Pro edge.

4" Snail Lock Coarse Diamond Grinding wheel Position 1
Graphite Metal Diamond for aggressively fast cutting
Excellent life
Center Water displacement bar for even water across the stone

Weha 4" 5 Step Resin Diamond Polishing Pad Pos 3 to 6 For C Frame Automated Machines. 

Weha 5 Step pos 3 is the very important Copper Resin rigid transition pad to go from the metals to the polishing pads to work on "C" frame machines. 
This step is recommended only for the darker or more dense stones. 

This pad can be skipped for medium to light colored stones. Simply move to Pos 4,5,6 to create a perfect polish

The Weha 5 Step Position 3 to 6 C Frame resin diamond polishing pads are built specifically for granite, marble, engineered stone, and Quartzite stone materials.
The Bond of the Weha 5 Step pos 3 to 6 C frame diamond polishing pads are made to work with the Park Pro Edge, Denver, and other Automated C Frame profile and polishing machines.

Excellent for Flat, half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, and small radius profiles.

4" Hook and loop backed 

Compare to other name brand 5 Step Resin Diamond C Frame systems on the market and you will find that the 4" Weha 5 Step system will polish just as good and last just as long


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