Tenax M200XMR Cartridge Glue Gun


  • $82.95

Parts Schematic

The following parts are available for the M200XMR cartridge gun.

Part Number Part Name
2C1022 MK 10 Sintered Catch Plate
2F1045 M6 x 20MM Hexagon Bolt
2F1204 M8 Lock Nut
2F1211 M6 Nut
2M1085 Plastic Knob
2P1060 Plunger 1:1 (Base/Blind Hole)
2P1062 Plunger 2:1 (Clip On)
2P1064 Plunger 4:1
2P1066 Plunger 10:1
2P1070 Plunger 10:1 (Base)
2P1071 Plunger 1:1/2 (Clip On)
2P1074 Plunger 4:1 (Clip On)
2S1007 Catch Plate Spring
2S1021 Release Plate Spring
3R1472 Release Plate
3R3064 Drive Rod 260MM
3Y1051 Yoke
4AP1353 Frame Assembly
7R1155 Plunger Rod 252MM
7XB315 MK 10 Butt/Trigger/WCD Sleeves



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