Abaco Sky Rider 30A White Rubber Lifter Automatic ASL30A

Abaco Machines

  • $899.99

Abaco Sky Rider 30A White Rubber Lifter Automatic ASL30A

(Black Rubber shown in Photos, this product has White Rubber)


Length: 19-5/16" (490mm)

Width: 5-7/16" (138mm)

Height: 13-1/16" (351mm)

Grip Range: 0 to 1-1/16" (0-30mm)

Weight: 57.2lbs (26kg)

Work Load Limit: 2200lbs (1000kg)

- Abaco Sky Rider Lifter Automatic (ASL30A) is designed to clamp and move the slab (e.g stone, gran-
ite, marble, counter top, etc.) in workshops, warehouses, work sites, and so on.
- Clamp plates Opening and Closing mechanism is fully automatic.
- It is suitable for both natural and articial stones slab in various thicknesses ranging 0” (0mm) to 1¹⁄”
(30 mm).
- The rubber pads covered the clamp plates not only increase the gripping force but also prevent
scratches or damages to the slab being carried during operation.
- The equipment is designed with all the protection features to increase safety level for the operator
and productivity.
- ASL30A is mainly made out of aluminum for lightweight and high durability purposes.
- The lifter shall be used with a crane or with a forklift truck to clamp, lift, and transport the slab.
- The lifter comes with a specialized swivel shackle, which makes the lifter and the material to rotate
3600 easily.

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