• $19.95

You will love the ease of installing your undermount sinks using CINCLIPS®! They will save you time and money- they install fast and will never let the sink down! You will not have call backs from customers and that means more time making money instead of loosing it! Simply push the clip up to the sink lip, they self-adjust to the wall, and screw the base to the wall. There is no wait time as the sink an be used right away! Why wait for failure? Order yours today and sleep good tonight! Cinclips® are mounting brackets for undermount sinks. they are sold in a package of five. We believe there is not a product out there that can support a sink as well as Cinclips® can.



  • 4 - 12" long Cinclips® support rods with pivoting mounting bracket at bottom. 
  • 1 - 7  3/4" long Cinclips® (used for supporting the center of older sinks).
  • 1 - bag with 20 mounting screws.

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