16" Tenax Dekton Blade 400/60

16" Tenax Dekton Blade 400/60


  • $335.00

16" Tenax Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

Stone fabrication professionals find themselves struggling to cut Dekton® materials because fo their hardness. These surfaces continue to grow in the market and require Category_Fabrication, Tools designed to perform well on them. Tenax has designed this 16" diamond blade to effectively cut through the Dekton® surfaces. This 16" Dekton blade from Tenax will enable fabricators to cut Dekton® materials confidentally and will produce a clean straight cut * with minimal chipping during the process.

The Tenax 16" Dekton® blade is approved by Cosentino® and offers technology that provides fabrication professionals the ability get great cutting performance while working Dekton® surfaces. The Dekton® blade is available in the following sizes:

Available Sizes:

  • 14" Dekton Blade
  • 16" Dekton Blade

If you have a fabricator that cuts Cosentino® Dekton® surfaces from 8mm clear up through 30mm, you need to try this blade from Tenax. Here are some of the specifics for the 16" Tenax Dekton Blade:


  1. Designed Specifically for Dekton®
  2. 1800-2100 RPM
  3. Feed Rate/Straight Cut: 16"-60" Per Minute (600-1000mm Per Minute)
  4. Feed Rate/Miter Cut: 14"-32" Per Minute (350-800mm Per Minute)
  5. Standard 2.3mm Core Thickness
  6. Approved by Cosentino

Tenax Dekton 16" Blade Rate Table

The following table gives the rates for the 16" Dekton® blade from Tenax:

Dekton® Thickness RPM Ø360 RPM Ø410 RPM Ø460 Feed Speed FT/Minute
8mm 2100-2400 1700-2100 1500-1800 48"-60"
12mm 2100-2400 1700-2100 1500-1800 40"-48"
20mm 2100-2400 1700-2100 1500-1800 24"-40"
30mm 2100-2400 1700-2100 1500-1800 16"-24"

* While entering the cut and exiting the cut, reduce the speed of the feed by 40-50%. While cutting at 45°, reduce the speed of the feed by 40%.

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