Weha 5" Puma Contour Blade


  • $69.99

Weha 5" Puma Contour Blade for Granite, Quartz, Engineered Stone, Concrete Counter tops and Vanities

The Weha 5" Puma Contour Blade is made for granite, quartz, engineered stone, hard marbles, as well as concrete countertops.

The Puma Contour blade has an extremely rigid core that does not flex with diamonds coming through the core body on both sides of the contour blade, giving full side cutting from both the inside and outside of the blade. This feature drastically helps in cutting out vanity bowls of all sizes, as well as making as small of holes as possible for trash bins, etc.

The Weha Puma 5" Granite and Quartz Contour Blade is built with high diamond concentration and a softer bond to both cut and grind the vanity bowls. 

With the longer diamond tooth design, the Puma Contour blade gives maximum contact to the stone for faster cutting, as well as leaves the cut smoother.

The Puma Contour blade can be used both wet and dry. 

With a high diamond contact, longer tooth segment design, stiff core, side diamonds that really help in bowl cutting, and priced right, the Puma Contour blade sets itself up as one of the best contour blades for granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone, and concrete countertops in stone fabrication.

5" Contour Blade
7/8"-5/8"-20mm Arbor
Max Rpm: 12,000

If you are looking for a Contour Blade specifically for marble check out the Weha 5" Marble Contour Blade

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