Diamax CTB Cyclone Contour Turbo Blade, 5" & 6" Wet/Dry for Engineered Stone and Granite


  • $119.09

The Cyclone name always represents the highest quality blades in the stone industry.

What we've done, is we've made the contour blade a lot faster going through the stone. As you can see here, what we're doing is we're guiding the blade through the stone. Smooth, easy, efficient. This is one of the fastest contour blades because it's so smooth in your hand. There's no vibration, it just sinks right into this stone. What we've done is taken the contour blade, we vortexed the shape of the side protection. This helps in propelling the contour blade through the stone. As you can see, the blade is very, very smooth. There's absolutely no vibration whatsoever, which makes it very, very controllable. And this is important because you need to be very, very precise when cutting your bowl cut-out by hand. We have diamonds that are working with you, and in the same direction all the time. After the step cut, you can see the blade just guiding into the stone effortlessly. It's smooth, it's controlled. There's no chipping, it's just a wonderful blade for the money. And as you can see here, as the stone fell out, with that side protection, you can take off excess stone. Very fast, very clean, and it's onto the next step. Cyclone: The #1 Brand in Stone.

Wet/Dry use for Engineered Stone and Granite.

6", Contour, Cyclone, Vortex Side Protection, Arbor 5/8"-7/8", Max RPM 10,000, CTB62, BLADE 06-CNTR-Cyclone

5", Contour, Cyclone, Vortex Side Protection, Arbor 5/8"-7/8", Max RPM 12,200, CTB52, BLADE 05-CNTR-Cyclone


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