Diamax CTEB5 Cyclone 5" Electroplated Contour Blade for Marble, Porcelain/Tile, and Ultra-Compact surfaces, Wet


  • $94.56

Vortexed Side Protection, Secret Diamond Formula for Marble, Fastest Marble Contour
Available Introducing Cyclone's newly redesigned contour blade for marble. Cyclone has taken their advanced electroplated blade technology to create the mother of all marble contour blades. Seeing is believing and we want to show you just how fast and smooth you can cut out a sink in 3 cm marble. Our secret combination of diamond grits delivers both the fastest cut and the smoothest edge. Feel and touch is so important to precision. the is why we vortex the side protection which makes this blade the best handling blade ever. Just look how easy this blade plunges into the stone. As the stone falls out, you can see that there are hardly any deep scratches to remove. Your job just got a lot easier. Cyclone: The #1 Brand in Stone.
  • Contour shape is designed for curve cutting and sink cut-outs
  • Redesigned with vortex side protection for smoother cutting
  • Advanced and highly secretive production process separates Cyclone electroplated products from the rest

Blade, 5", Contour, Cyclone, Electroplated (Marble, Porcelain, & Ultra Compact) 5/8"-7/8", Max RPM 12,000 CTEB5, Wet Use Only



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