NEW! The best tools and glues for Dekton by Tenax!

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Sync Distribution is excited to announce we are teaming up with Tenax to provide tools and glues for fabricating Dekton by Cosentino. With the ever increasing interest and demand for these next-generation surfaces we will be working to bring our customers the absolutely best tools and glues. Please take a look at the collection of products to help you create the perfect surfaces for your customers. 

Tenax Tools and Glues for Dekton Fabrication


Dekton Mastidek by Tenax

Dekton Mastidek by Tenax

Dekton Mastidek Cartridge Glue is a bi-component adhesive used to glue Cosentino Dekton.

Dekton Mastiek Fast indoor/outdoor is officially approved by Cosentino and is included on the Cosentino product list. Mastidek is the ONLY cartridge glue that is approved by Cosentino for both indoor and outdoor use and is the only cartridge glue that carries the Dekton logo because this was developed by Cosentino Spain. 

Mastidek has a very high adhesion in a short amount of time which allows for cutting and polishing the assembled parts in a short time. The hardened product is very shiny and very polishable. The glue and hardener are recolored in the cartridge with the Cosentino approved color match. The Dekton Mastidek Cartridge glue requires the use of a 2:1 cartridge gun such as the M200XMR Cartridge Gun.

Mastidek has been fully tested to withstand 15 years outdoors with zero yellowing.

Tenax Dekton Bridge Saw Blades

Tenax Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

  • Specifically marketed to Dekton users

  • 1800-2100 RPM

  • Feed rate/straight cut: 600-1000mm per minute

  • Feed rate/miter cut: 350-800mm per minute

  • Standard 2.3mm core thickness

  • Approved by Cosentino

  • Available in 18", 16", and 14" (360mm, 410mm, and 460mm)

Tenax Dekton Bridge Saw Blade Speed and Feed Chart

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